Facts about Eye Donation

  • Eye Donation Has a Time Limit: Eyes can be donated only within six to eight hours after death. This process takes about 15 minutes; all other funeral arrangements will go smoothly.
  • Anyone Can Pledge Their Eyes: Irrespective of their medical history or their age, any person can pledge their eyes. The team from the eye donation centre will determine at the time of the donor’s death if his eyes are eligible for transplant. Those who have had diabetes, glaucoma, cataracts, or who wear spectacles can also pledge their eyes. People of all genders and ages can pledge to donate their eyes. People with refractive errors such as hyperopia and myopia and those with problems like high blood pressure can also donate their eyes.
  • Contradiction for Eye Donation: There are certain situations in which people cannot donate their eyes. Those who have died or have suffered because of AIDS, septicaemia, rabies, viral encephalitis, retinoblastoma, lymphoma, leukaemia, among other medical conditions, are ineligible for eye donation.
  • Only the Cornea is Transplanted: The cornea is the outer portion of the eyeball that is transparent. It transmits light to the eye and is like a protective sheet over the eye. It is this part that is used for eye donation.
  • Eye donation works twice: the eyes donated by one person are given to two people, thus, with one act of charity, two people benefit.
  • Eye Donations are Never Refused: No matter what your health conditions, an eye donation is never refused. This is because even if the eyes cannot be used to provide sight to someone who has corneal blindness, they can be used for research or medical education.
  • High Success Rate of Corneal Transplants: The success rate of corneal transplants is very high. More than 90% of operations can restore sight to the patient.
Following are some important points to be noted after eye donation:
  • Do encourage others to donate their eyes too.
  • Do let your family know about your intentions to donate your eyes.
  • Don't lose time in informing the nearest eye bank.
  • Inform the eye bank within six hours of the person's death.
  • Switch off the fans, but keep the air conditioner on.
  • Close the eyelids of the deceased gently and cover them with moist cotton.
  • Raise the deceased's head using a pillow.