Vision Foundation of India

Rashtriya Netra Yagna

RNY is an enduring focus project of the Vision Foundation of India for reducing avoidable blindness. The statistics depict that blindness is one of the major burdens and to tackle that the goal set was massive. Poverty and blindness is a deadly combination and for each person going blind the impact is terrific. Loss of sight most often results in social exclusion, making blind people vulnerable to abuse, destitution and early death.

How will the Rashtriya Netra Yagna carry out this momentous task? An individual eye surgeon can perform a few hundred to a few thousand free eye surgeries in a year. A team at an eye hospital can perform several thousand free eye surgeries in a year.various teams of skilled professionals across India if join hands together can create wonder in this field and contribute to lakhs of surgeries VFI’s model can reduce avoidable blindness in India relatively rapidly, depending on the financial resources available.

There are many charitable eye hospitals in India conducting camps and performing surgeries free of charge. Many of them are underutilized because of various reasons. VFI associates with them as per specific selection criteria and financially supports these activities under Rashtriya Netra Yagna.

The benefits that accrue are tremendous:

  • Major causes of blindness like Cataract, Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy, Corneal Diseases, and Childhood Blindness are included in this model.
  • VFI can support large number of surgeries in a relatively shorter period of time.
  • These charitable hospitals will be optimally utilized, thus subsuming the existing infrastructure.
  • The infrastructure cost is practically zero and administrative cost is minimum
  • Depending on need, focus on specific geographical area can be carried out. This focus can change from time to time, if required.
  • This model is independent of one or few eye surgeons. All the medical and paramedical personnel involved all over the country automatically become team members.
  • VFI indirectly can help in creating more jobs for the people under the Rashtriya Netra Yagna.
  • This is the fastest and easiest way to reach remote and tribal areas to make a great impact not only medically but also socio-economically.

Vision Foundation of India (VFI): The strength and energy behind Rashtriya Netra Yagna

VISION FOUNDATION OF INDIA is a non-profit, non-government charitable organization (NGO). It is a cornerstone organization conceptualized and founded in 1993 by the renowned eye surgeon Dr. Kulin Kothari, with a fervent desire to reduce blindness and treat eye diseases for the marginalized sections of society. The quality of eye care and medical technology available today, though increasing, is still beyond the reach of most afflicted people in the county. The Vision Foundation of India empowers the lives of such people by giving them eye care free of cost. The Trustees of VFI believe that lack of money should never be the reason to have compromised vision.

In the last few years the Vision Foundation of India has broken new ground in terms of the sheer number of individuals and the territories it has impacted. Tireless efforts by the Foundation have impacted the lives of 4,87,537 people in the country. Vision Foundation of India believes that their fight against eye disease and blindness is not just for the present, but an undying crusade.

Rashtriya Netra Yagna Rashtriya Netra Yagna