Vision Foundation of India

From the Managing Trustee

Dr. Kulin Kothari

Message From Dr. Kulin Kothari

We The Fortunate Ones

God has selected us to be resourceful because he believes in our sense of responsibility. He has given to us so that we can share. All major faiths of the world guide us to tithe, or to keep some amount aside for charity.

This is an amount, which is God’s share, which can’t be kept, and has to be given. Indeed, to distribute this share and even more is part of his blessings to us. We must do it individually and collectively, hand in hand, so that we may bring a ray of hope in the lives of the needy underprivileged blind. I feel singularly lucky and privileged to be able to donate in my personal capacity towards this cause.

Keeping in mind the objectives of the Vision Foundation of India, we request everyone to contribute to this life transforming good work. If we work together we can overcome hurdles and we can extend eye care to the remotest area and to the poorest and make our country almost free from treatable blindness.

The magnitude of your action in this regard for most will be more than you can ever imagine. Thank you would not even come close to expressing our gratitude and feelings.