Vision Foundation of India

Patient Testimonials

  • "In the start I use to see things very blurred, like a black thing blocked my eyesight. This issue affected my studies as it became very difficult for me to read. After my operation I can see clearly now and I am extremely happy as I can resume my studies. We couldn't afford this surgery as we are going through financial crisis. But VFI came as a blessing to us and they helped me in getting my surgery done free of cost. A big thanks to VFI for their selfless service to people like us." Sneha, a 16 year old girl suffered from cataract in her right eye which affected her academics very badly. We identified her case through an eye camp which we organized at her school.

  • Bodhi Devi

    This is Bodhi Devi. She had become bilaterally blind with cataract. All she could see was a fog like styructure in front of her eyes (PL Plus). She could not work, cook, or even walk without help. Her son carried her on his back from their very remote village so that she could attend the Drishti Eye Care Hospital screening camp in Matihani, Kutumba, Aurangabad district. Following successful cataract surgery, her vision was completely restored (6/18). She was able to see her son’s face and was able to walk home with him; just days after he had needed to carry her. With a focus on sustainability, Drishti Eye care Hospital is working on capacity building by enhancing community participation to provide top quality eye care for all and vital sight-saving eye care services to the poor.

    Bodhi Devi
  • Manu Dehury

    Because of bilateral cataract, she was practically blind for all purposes. A stick was her only companion in the world of darkness. After cataract surgery, she is now able to take her goats to the fields for grazing. She is also able to help her daughter-in-law with household chores and play with her grandchildren.

    Manu Dehury
  • Trilochan Mallik

    He had been suffering from cataract from last 3 years and gradually became dependent on his grandchildren for certain activities. After surgery, he is able to work normally and play around with his grandchildren.

    Trilochan Mallik
  • Dolagbinda Sahoo

    He is book lover and loves to read Bhagavad Gita everyday. But some days before his vision got hazy and his habit of reading Gita got affected. He came to the camp and cataract detected in his left eye, Surgery was done and the result is overwhelming for him, Now he is reading his Bhagavat Gita happily.

    Dolagbinda Sahoo
  • Labala Urmila

    When wishes of Labala Urmila were heard. A 60 year-old Labala Urmila had lost all her hopes along with her sight. Few years back she lost complete vision in her right eye due to glaucoma and faced diminished vision in her left eye. Even for her routine tasks she become dependent on her husband. This caused both mental and economical stress for her and her family. Initially, Urmila consulted many neighboring hospitals with the hope of correcting the vision in her left eye, however with every visit, all she found was another closed door.
    But little did she know that her fate was to change with her visit to VFI. She visited the VFI-conducted eye camp in Almanda village, Andhra Pradesh in October 2015 with her husband, where they were given detailed information on her current vision related situation. They were informed that a surgery can help correct her vision to a great extent and were advised to go for the same at the earliest. With the help of expert VFI doctors and staff team, a plan was made to operate on Urmila the next week. She was admitted for 3-4 days post her surgery for observation and was discharged with much clearer vision along with a happy smile on her face.
    Seeing people like Urmila go out of the hospital with a smile and confident stride is what counts for us the most.

    Labala Urmila